1. Klaus Binder11.1.11

    Guten Morgen lieber Edgar,

    eine schöne Gallerie und so ganz "nebenbei" entstanden. Die erste die ich im Internet besuche. Auf meine alte Tage werde ich wohl wieder zum Kunstfreund. Die Bilder sind schon beeindruckend.
    viele Grüße aus dem aufgetauten Berlin

  2. Mark: A wonderful addition. Thank you.

    Merle: I love it - it's wonderful!

    Joanna: Thank you Edgar, Hedvig, Sylvia, et al. The gallery is a wonderful idea.

    Jerome: …it's a super job and so many list members represented. You got my favourite Ruti Scharf painting (the rooster).

    Dow: …congratulation for your work.

    David: I think the gallery is wonderful! I shall be studying it more carefully…

    Marla: Congratulations! Felicitations, Edgar!

    Irene: Mazel Tov to the new Gallery!

    Galina: Edgar, thanks!!!

  3. Edgar, this is awesome and absolutely wonderful. My compliments! Anything I can assist with, just shout :-)

  4. Eliezer: KOL HAKAVOD

    Klaus: …das ist eine tolle Sache, Deine Czernowitz Art Gallery !!! Ich habe ein wenig darin geblättert. Vorallem auch die Links zu den Daten über die Künstler sind sehr aufschlussreich und interessant. Also: Gratulation - eine beeindruckende Dokumentation.

    Cornel: Hi Edgar! A very laudable project.

    Bondy: Multumesc frumos

    Heidelinde: Herzliche Gratulation zur Eröffnung Ihrer Galerie, möge sie Ihnen und allen Interessierten viel Freude bereiten. Für meine Person kann ich nur sagen - danke, danke danke! Sie greifen damit wirklich ein Desiderat der Kunstgeschichte auf und schenken darüber hinaus den Menschen mit Bukowina-Verbindung ein wahres "Zuckerl"!

  5. Ruth Sharvit: I was very glad to find my name on the artists list, as well Isiu Schaerf, my father's dear cousin, a big painter and artist, it made my day! For all this I want to thank you very much!

  6. Iosif: Thank you again, a wonderful gallery!

    Merle: Edgar - this is a wonderful thing that you have begun - thank you so much -
    from me and all other art appreciaters. And to see our own Bukoviners' works - the best.

  7. Hedwig: The gallery is lovely, anybody can see your good taste for art..

    Tetyana: Thank you for the letter with the news about virtual Czernowitz Art Gallery. It is wondefull to develope this theme! It is usefull and people need it as well. Congratulations!

    Hardy: Congratulations Edgar!

  8. Wolfgang: Fantastic achievement. And beautiful art as well.

  9. Dear Edgar,
    there are people who, throughout their lives, leave no impression upon the world as it revolves around them; then, there are others who make it worse and yet others, who know how to turn it into a better place.
    Ever since I first found out about you and everything that you do, it became clear to me that you fall into the third category.
    This Art Gallery has now come to do nothing but bring yet another confirmation of my impression of you. I humbly thank you, in the name of a people and of a generation for which the pre-war Czernowitz tends to be a rather abstract notion, for everything you have so selflessly been doing in order to bring that wonderful versunkene Welt back to life - and thus to the attention of hopefully thousands of people.
    For all of that, as well as for everything I know you are still going to be doing in the future, I thank you.
    Sincerely, Jane
    (from Suceava, Southern Bukowina, Romania)

  10. Arthur: Dear Dow, I saw your painting, I just loved it. Great, Great!

  11. Merle: Arthur - your work is a lovely and important addition to the Art Gallery, which itself is a very special collection.

  12. Sylvia: Dear Edgar - so nice you made a virtual art gallery to display the works of us Cz people!

  13. Chernivtsi Museum of Bukovinian Jewish History and Culture:

    У наших колег
    Iнтернет-блог "Czernowitz Art Gallery"
    Дослідник і знавець єврейського життя Буковини, виходець з Чернівців Едгар Хаустер (Edgar Hauster), що живе в Нідерландах, відкрив блог "Czernowitz Art Gallery" ("Чернівецька художня галерея"), присвячений художникам ХХ ст. народженим в Чернівцях та Буковинi. У блозі представлена творчість таких відомих майстрів, як А. Кольник, А. Аріха, І. Шерф, М. Бараш та інших.

  14. Alex: Atâtia artisti! Ce paradox oraselul ala din Mitteleuropa. Sunt impresionat.

    B.: Ce grozav ca au mai ramas pastrate aceste creatii, de care personal habar n-am avut ca exista! … Asa, ….un manunchi cam din toate epocile, stilurile si curentele existente in lumea artelor frumoase, daca nu intotdeauna foarte originale, dar cu siguranta foarte valoroase pentru noi si o dovada vie in plus, a existentei culturale intense a cernautenilor. …

  15. Jerome: Thanks Edgar for adding Lilian.... that's a great piece of her work!

  16. Arthur24.1.11

    Hi Edgar,
    I met Arnold Daghani in Bershad, I believe that he was then called Korn. (I was 7 or 8 years old)
    He and his wife who was called Anişoara run away from Cariera de Piatra from across the Bug River. They stayed with us in our hut for a few weeks or months and left I believe for Bucharest. While he was with us he constantly painted.
    After the war he wrote a book called “ Groapa E În Livada Cu Vişini”. In this book was a painting in color of our hut in Bershad. When we departed Romania, in Constanta, this book was confiscated. Ever since I searched for this book, finally 2 years ago I found the book in Bucharest, but no picture of our house.
    I believe that Arnold Daghani and I are related, through a distant cousin.

  17. Dorin: Die Czernowitzer Art Galerie ist aber fabelhaft! Eine glänzende Idee. Wie bist du darauf gekommen? Herzlichen Glückwunsch, ich bin sehr beeindruckt. Dass die Resonanz der Galerie so groß ist, überrascht mich nicht. Ich kann nur wiederholen: noch ein Volltreffer! Bravo, Eddy! Auf die kommende Einzelausstellung warte ich schon. Ich bin neugierig, ich finde, in mir ist ein Ästhet verloren gegangen...


    blonker: Супер!!!
    Hardy: Congratulations Edgar
    grafvoron1: Большое спасибо
    vitaliy7: Хорошая работа! Молодец!

  19. Irene, Haifa:
    Shalom Edgar,
    It is so nice to meet in your gallery with Armand Beraru , the restless photographer and Good Will Ambassador of Haifa to Germany , Rumania and
    other countries.
    In 1997-98 my son Danny, who worked with pupils at the Beit Ruttenberg educational center, interviewed and filmed Armand at his home. The interview was aired at the Local Channel. All our “Rumanians” were pleased. I think it was Armand Beraru’s first TV –appearance.
    Every time I go to a lecture or performance at the Abba Hushi Hall I check out the last exhibition on “The Armand-Wall” there. There is always something new to see.
    I wish Mr. Armand Beraru many good years of activity.

  20. Lydia: Many thanks Edgar, this vidéo is wonderful !!!

  21. Gabriele Weissmann25.2.11

    Thank heavens for people like you, Edgar.
    I can/ cannot imagine the amount of work and research needed to set up such a blog.
    A most valuable contribution.

  22. Miriam: Thank you for having established the "Czernowitz Art Gallery" and for maintaining it and adding to it...

  23. Bruce: I'm loving the Art Gallery and the discussion it's stimulated. Thank you!!!

  24. Sylvia: Hi Edgar - Boris Savelev is terrific - so glad you have him in the CZ gallery - others you might consider would be Vyacheslav Tarnovitsky (who sadly died some years ago) - I met him when I returned to CZ for the first time in 1996 - also Bronislav Tuttleman, who was doing some very interesting paintings, but I think that he since has gone over to photography. Great that you're finding new artists to post. You may also post the link to my blog which shows a broader spectrum of work and has more meaning than a single picture - http://sylviadeswaan.blogspot.com - I would love to be able to be in touch with other working artists in the region…

  25. Anonymous6.3.11

    What a wonderful site... it's inspiring!

  26. Irene: Congratulations to the new "acquisitions" in your Art Gallery ! The five contemporary artists are a big surprise. I think Shlomo Schwarz ( born in Washkautzi ) made the artistic work for the colorful homepage of the Bukowina.org website? Constantin Flondor's video clips from 1982 and 1991 are meaningful for those who lived in Rumania. I am very touched by Boris Savelev's photographic work. I think that at least 5 pictures on his website are shot in Czernowitz. Did he grow up in Czernowitz?

  27. Anonymous27.4.11

    Very nice!!

    Lee Rosner

  28. Anonymous17.7.11

    Dear Edgar,
    It continues to strike me as to how much talent there is among the group.
    Many, many thanks to you for exhibiting these diverse and excellent works.
    Best wishes,

  29. Alex: Wonderful collection! Great works!

  30. Hedwig: Hallo Edgar, Gratuliere zu den Neuerscheinungen in Deiner Galerie, Du machsts das ganz phantastisch.

  31. Have a look at my blog on Arnold Daghani:

    Yours is a fantastic blog!

  32. More about Tadeusz Sulima Popiel here: